TOTEM cabinet standing and…

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TOTEM cabinet standing and landscape

 11.950,00 14.250,00



A strong tradition in designing furniture with a bold personality, Maarten Baptist’s (new) statement-piece cabinets set the tone. The mini-series comprises two iconic pieces: a centerpiece bookcase and a lower dresser-type version. The title says it all, these are not for generic storage; they deserve your delicate, much loved pieces, the collection with which you show off.

The search for the craftsman to work on these perplexing products was a real quest. Not many workshops have the skills in-house to work with massive wood, veneers, and are able to deliver the high end detailing this product needs. The standing pillars are ingrained by a 3D mill, another technique, which doesn’t come standard.
The standing cabinet opens to two sides, as its generous size needs to breath in the interior. This cabinet dictates the interior, not the other way round.
The horizontally oriented cabinet facilitates every celebration. It will hold your wine collection with attitude, and present your musical collection with grace: the ultimate piece of furniture with which to throw a lavish party!

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