Leather wall clock

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Leather wall clock

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Maarten Baptist is releasing a series of clocks made of leather, adding a new material to the range. They are made of high quality leather from the Danish company Sørensen Læder A/S, which specialised in vegetal tanned leather for over 40 years. The tanning process prevents the hides from decaying, make them resistant to moisture and keep them supple and durable. This leather is tanned with extracts from the mimosa plant. Since it wasn’t fixed to the leather with chemicals its colour transforms over time in three phases: from its original light colour to a very pale pink to a lovely light brown gold patina in time. By the place of hanging the pure leather of the clock will change colour through its exposure to light. The side where the light enters the room, the colour will fade somewhat faster than the other face of the clock. Maarten explains: “The clocks quietly give away their position in the house and make the passing of time tangible.”

The clocks have a strong physique, even though they are made of the softest leather. The leather is strenghtened by a paper backing, enforced by a liquid glue. Each is made from a single sheet of leather, in which 12 cuts indicate the hours. The hand stitching gives the clock its solid shape. A slope clockwork silently passes the hours by, giving this clock a soft presence on your wall.

– sizes: 50 cm / 30 cm each wrapped in a gift box
– clock mechanism: slope quartz powered by an AA battery

From the leftover parts of leather a smaller version will be made. It will have with fewer details, and will come with an open back, revealing the construction of the clock.

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leather clock

natural leather clock 30 cm, natural leather clock 50 cm