YVE mirror

YVE hand mirror
  • 150x150

YVE is a girl’s name; a hand mirror is typically a girl’s product.

Ordinarily mirrors are flat surfaces, YVE is mirror all around. The inside of the ball is covered in silver, which gives the mirror a naturally bronze and your skin a nice glow.

The mirror is supported by a wooden shelf (made out of oak or walnut), which exposes the mirror’s handle. As such it can find a place by your entrance and host your keys, lipstick and perfume.

Projects such as YVE result from the close collaboration between designer Maarten Baptist and JOINE’s glass blower. Bouncing ideas off each other makes the craziest ideas seem feasible: a borosilicate laboratory bottle provides YVE’s base onto which a mirroring surface is mounted. The back of YVE is a distorting mirror through its ball-shape; a little bit of carnival in your hall way.

YVE is in the collection of THmanufacture 


Block: 140 mm wide 275 mm height 120 mm depth
Shelf: 450 mm wide 260 mm height 120 mm depth thickens oak 25 mm.