Wedding rings

Wedding rings

Two lives, two lines. Connected by magic

Marriage forges a bond of love between two people. Often, it will only be after a couple has been together for quite some time that they have reached this point. But marriage is not a final destination. The opposite is true. It is the beginning of two lives fusing together to become a close team. Two lives, two lines – with a magical tension running between them. What could be more beautiful than to express this magic tangibly in the shape of a ring?

However you look at it, it is logical because rings and weddings have been connected to each other for centuries. It is believed that in ancient times a ring might have served as the link of a chain that was used by men to take along the wife they just bought. A happier tale is that of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, who saw the ring as a symbol of eternity, love and happiness, without an ending or a beginning.

The gold from which a ring is usually made expresses the value of love. Its seamlessness symbolises a never-ending connection and, according to a traditional folk tale, we wear this ring on our ring finger because it has been said that a nerve ending runs from this finger straight to the heart! In short: with all the symbolism surrounding it, no one could possibly ever consider this ring as a mere object. The more symbolism it carries the more special it becomes. This is why Maarten Baptist adds a bit of magic to these wedding rings. Time for a new, more contemporary symbolism.

Why should a ring be smooth and polished, when a wedding is not more than a sketch of what life can become with the passing of the years? And why are its lines fixed and round, when there is no such thing as a relationship without bumps and curves? This is exactly why Maarten Baptist asks the future husband and wife to draw their own rings: on paper and loosely drawn. The female circle will become the inside of the ring, and the outside will be the man’s ring. Two lines: a symbol of two lives; connected by the valuable gold between them. These two lines could never be united without the magical space between them. A capricious unity, because there will always be times when two people are closer to each other than at other times.

Marriage is more than forging a bond of love between two people. It is also a unique union, which has no equal in all the world. It can only be logical that rings symbolising this could not be anything else.