Wave glasses

Wave glassware

All Maarten Baptist’s products are characterised by a recurring factor: they invite you to play with them. This also applies to Wave glassware, which looks fairly unassuming at first glance, but turns out to offer many possibilities on further acquaintance.

The glasses are hand-blown by craftsmen in the Czech Republic and come in varying heights. All have the same wave form in the base, which means they can be stacked. For example; a portion of meat can be served under an upturned glass with a serving of soup on top.

Design by: Maarten Baptist
Wave glasses are produced in the Czech Republic
Launched: April 2009
Glasses are in the collection of GOODS

Wine glass: 60 mm hight 125ml or 4oz
Beer glass: 90 mm height 250ml or 8,5oz
Limo glass: 120 mm height 500ml or 17oz