TUBE cutlery

TUBE cutlery

Could a production-led design steer a novel manner of eating? Maarten Baptist’s long-time cherished idea for making a cutlery set out of a round tube exemplifies this thought. The Tube Cutlery is slightly out of the ordinary as if suggests approaching dinner a little di erently. A mini change in this trusted product challenges us in our habits.

The Tube Cutlery is the result of an experiment with an industrial laser cutter. Using a round tube as a base, the shapes are cut out of the tube at a slight angle, giving the series its unique curve and quirky character. By playing with the left and right angle on the tube, the pieces have a pleasant grip for both left and right handed people.

You could call this a classic Maarten Baptist design as he uses tubes as a base material whenever he can (tables, coatrack or silverware …), and re-appropriating industrial production techniques is a great fondness of his. Plus, this design uses the full amount of the tube in a clever way, so that each set of cutlery produces a minimum amount of leftover material.

This series is an open invitation to restaurant owners to work on a customised set. A few more items are forth- coming in the series: a serving appetiser fork and small picking forks for cocktail bites.


– Material: 304 stainless steel – Dishwasher safe
– Finish: Polished / Glossy
– Thickness 2mm

Cutlery options:

– Dining knife
– Dining spoon
– Dining fork
– Salad set
– Small knife
– Small spoon
– Small fork
– Coffee spoon
– Espresso spoon
– Sorbet spoon
– Salt spoon
– Butter knife
– Cocktail pin / Snack fork
– Napkin ring / Spoon holder – Tripod ring


Made in Eindhoven


Photos: Sam Walravens

18 October 2017