Time out bar Moscow interior

Time out bar Moscow interior

The Time Out Bar is set in the 12th (restaurant) and 13th (cocktail bar) floor of an old KGB Peking hotel built by Russia to confirm its friendly relations with China. JOINE was hired as a design consultant. Baptist (designer and founder of JOINE): “Russia is about seeing and being seen and the bar was to be laid out with only Dutch Design with a cosmopolitan feel. The result is a charming mix of different designers and the existing architecture.”

During the refurbishment of the bar, JOINE was overseeing the building and was there when they took out the floor and found the original tiling underneath. A great discovery, but many tiles were broken. Instead of mending or recreating the tiles, they were replaced by pieces of wood drenched in green epoxy.

The cocktail bar at the top floor is what used to be the ballroom. It has a six-meter high ceiling with a gorgeous display of Russians guiding a Chinese girl over a flower-full bridge. Light beams in through the authentic sandblasted windows and makes great patterns on the walls. Therefore it was decided not to use any additional lighting. The tall pillars, another fixture from the building’s previous life, light up in the evening, creating a monumental atmosphere.To create a unity, Baptist chose to only take products in green: as a large botanical garden rising far above the grey of Moscow.

Many different Dutch designers are represented throughout the furniture: Marcel Wanders’ minty green Sparkling Chair for Magis, Studio Job’s Gothic Chair for Moooi, AVL’s Glyder for Lensvelt the AVL Shaker Chairs produced by Moooi and their AVL King Kong chair. The eclectic mix of chairs is paired with JOINE’s charming but simple Tear Drop table.

Above the dj booth is an emblem designed in collaboration with the local art academy, based on JOINE’s designs for the bar’s glassware. The round bar is placed around the staircase leading down to the restaurant. The inside of the staircase is covered with Piet Hein Eek’s scrap wood wallpaper.

The restaurant is more snug and dusky. The setting is more industrial through the grey walls and Studio Job’s colourful customised farm and their car wreck wallpaper (the toilet walls are covered with Studio Job’s barbed wire wallpaper). The dining room chairs are customised Piet Hein Eek stools. They were raised twenty centimetres in order to allow guests a view from the window. Moooi’s Cluster Lamp gives ample light to the diners. The restaurant’s interior was kept toned down in order not to overwhelm the dining experience: the restaurant has an experimental kitchen. The chef’s specialties include marshmallow mash and steak seared in Coca Cola.

JOINE has been working in Russia since 2006. Russia has been one of the focus countries of the office since and they return for the Moscow Design fair (www.designACT.ru) every year. The Time Out Bar is one of the many projects JOINE has accomplished in Russia (including: glassware and other promotional items for Martini as well as expositions in both Moscow and St. Petersburg).


JOINE interior Time out bar Moscow
Address: Bol’shaya Sadovaya 5 Moskva Rusland
Product design by Maarten Baptist
Photo by JOINE and TIME out bar Moscow
December 2012