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Size Maarten

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Size Maarten

Maarten Baptist has never just ‘designed stuff’. Every form has been carefully thought out, each detail carefully chosen. Nevertheless, someone will always say ‘Nice product Maarten, but couldn’t you just move that detail about three centimetres to the left?’With his new range of clothing there are no concessions. All the garments are made to his own taste, and available in one size only – his size. If the sweater fits, wear it!

The range has been developed in collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Dinie van den Heuvel (Unicform) and consists of six garments.

The design of these boxer shorts is based on the principle of the wrap-around skirt. The result is a pair of shorts which fall open softly at the side. Elegant and comfortable.

Maarten Baptist loves to wear scarves; preferably loosely tied. So that this one will stay put the designer has included a press-stud.

A T-shirt just as Maarten Baptist likes his T-shirts to be: long, made from the finest jersey with a chic seam down the spine.

Maarten Baptist has two favourite sweaters. By combining the best of both – the deep V neck of one and the chunky-knit of the other – Maarten has created his ultimate sweater.

Who doesn’t know the problem of the shirt that won’t stay tucked into your trousers? It drove Maarten Baptist crazy, so he’s designed a combination that will stay in place, even if you feel like doing a handstand.

It’s the ultimate fashion classic: the trenchcoat. Maarten Baptist felt that his collection wouldn’t be complete without one. He’s designed a version tailored to his own body, with sleeves in a fabric he often uses for his furniture designs.

Design by Maarten Baptist
Fashion Design by Unicform
Launched: April 2010