Robbin folding chair

Robin aluminium folding chair

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs came to JOINE to develop a light yet robust folding chair to be produced in the Netherlands. The chairs will be used in the Dutch consulate in Tokyo during concerts and lectures.

In collaboration with the producer the design was stripped-down to create a simple, easy to produce chair: it is almost entirely constructed from standard tubes. The pattern of holes in the backrest and seat is an ode to Robin Day, the designer of the first plastic chair that iconically had holes in the backrest. Robin’s key details are the hinges that connect the legs. Silicon studs and the nylon bearing ensure that the chairs can be unfolded quietly.

The chair can easily be stacked in a corner of your living room to serve as extra seating though its sleek design allows for it to not be folded at all!

Design by: Maarten Baptist
Robin is produced in the Netherlands
Launched: April 2014

Chair folded: high 850 mm x wide 550 mm and 50 mm dept
Chair unfolded: high 700 mm x wide 550 mm and 500 mm dept