Julie decanter

Julie decanter

Julie is a jewel-like decanter of the finest laboratory glass. It has two openings, a large one for filling – its size allows for ice cubes, lemon slices, mint leaves to fit through – and a the small one with an elegant snout for pouring. The snout’s glass was made thinner with a little curve for pouring ease.

This bird-like carafe was designed in a family of stacked glassware but in itself proved to be the star of the party. It was further developed and a cork lid was added, which helps distinguish the back from the front. The decanters come in three sizes: Small to serve a iced coffee – or a matcha latte, Mid-sized to offer water at the dinner table. The Large size allows – for instance – your Bordeauxs to breathe.

The glass and the cork are sourced on different places in Europe: Czech Republic and Portugal. The parts are produced in small local crafts studios. The Czech craftsmen are close liaisons of Maarten Baptist’s studio and also work on the studio’s Tripod Glasses and Everything Glasses. Borosilicate glass / laboratory glass is their favourite material. It has a high material density, is heat resistant and dish washer safe. As such it lends itself very well as a material for the Julie decanter.
The smallest size is sold as an oil and vinegar set, or as a single item. The carafe launched some time ago, and has since been picked up around the world. The studio was sent pictures of all kinds of people who make small drinks in it, using it to livening up the dinner table or to offer refreshments.

Design by: Maarten Baptist
Julie is prodused in Czech Republic and Portugal
Launched: October 2013

Oil decanter: 130 mm height 0,25l  or 0,06oz.
Water decanter: 190 mm heigh 0,8l or 0,2oz.
Wine decanter: 250 mm heigh 1,5l or 0,4oz.