OUTLINE cutlery

OUTLINE cutlery

Maarten Baptist designed the Outline Cutlery as his graduation project from Design Academy Eindhoven. He had friends in mind for whom he wanted to design iconic tools. His first sketches consisted of seven sets. Each set would characterise one of his friends. Finally, he graduated with one set that embodies everyone’s personality.

For the relaunch, Maarten Baptist mainly focused on perfecting the details, for instance, the thickness of the outline changed slightly. The series is made out of 18/08 stainless steel, which makes for a very durable cutlery. Each of the cutlery option comes in three colour ways: matt satin, glossy and black polished. The black colour
is added through Physical Vapour Deposition, which is a scratch-resistant coating. The set resembles the first pencil drawings of the Outline Cutlery.

The Outline Cutlery consists of a full dinner set. The dining fork’s middle tooth is a little shorter than the other teeth, giving it a fish fork’s function to be enjoyed together with the fish knife. Next to the relaunch, the series has also been expanded with a small set of cutlery items — in all three colour ways — which can serve perfectly for dishes like starters, cakes and pastries. Furthermore, they are sized for kids to use. In the near future, the gift boxes fitting in the mailbox will be available.


– Material 18/08 stainless steel – Dishwasher safe


– Polished / Glossy
– Matt satin
– Black polished with

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating

Cutlery options:

– Dining knife
– Dining spoon
– Dining fork
– Fish knife
– Small knife
– Small spoon
– Small fork
– Espresso spoon


Made in Bangkok


Photos: Sam Walravens

18 October 2017