Louise tripod glasses

Louise tripod glasses
  • Tripod Glasses by Maarten Baptist

What happens if you take a classic wineglass and replace its round base with a tripod? This glass is easier to grasp firmly, which makes swirling the wine easier too.

Marten Baaptist has rejected the bother of a single stem. The “tripod” collection of three-footed glasses in borosilicate is seditious. In the hand, they force the fingers to work. At rest they seem to dance. As troublemakers of the dinner table, tripod glasses play with the tradition of the placed goblet.

Un verre, trois pieds.

Sainte trinité, quoi de plus stable que trois pieds ?

C’est l’ennuie du verre unijambiste que Marten Baaptist enterre ici. La collection « tripod » de verre à trois pieds en borosilicate est turbulente. En main, c’est un jeu de doigt. Posés, ils entament une chorégraphie à mille pieds. Trublions de la table dressée, les verres tripod se joue de la tradition du verre posé.

Design by: Maarten Baptist

Tripod glasses are produced Belgium and Czech Republic

Launched: April 2007.

From September 2015 in the collection THmanufacture


Red wine glass: 210 mm height 90 mm wide
White wine glass: 190 mm height 80 mm wide
Water glass: 145 mm height 80 mm wide
Champagne glass: 180 mm height 80 mm wide
Martini glass: 140 mm height 132 mm wide
Liqueur glass: 100 mm height 80 mm wide
Shot glass: 140 mm height 80 mm wide
Aluminum tripod candel / vase: 285 mm height 95 mm wide