Clover glasses

Four leaf clover glasses

The production of these four-leaf clover glasses likens a gym more than a glass atelier. Each set of a decanter and three glasses is made out of one long extrusion glass tube, which is pulled down a round metal bar hanging from the ceiling. A graphite mold shapes the tube into a cloverleaf. Working in close collaboration with the glass blower, the perfection is in the detailing of this simple design: the rims are rounded for your drinking pleasure. And carved into the decanter’s rim is a little facet for it to pour better. As with any four-leaf clover the first leaf represents faith, the second hope, the third love and the fourth luck, making this set a great present!

Design by: Maarten Baptist
Clover glasses are produced in Belgium
Launched: October 2012

Drinking glass: 65 mm height  70 mm wide x 80 mm wide and 200 ml volume 
Caraf: 300 mm height  70 mm wide x 80 mm wide and 1000 ml volume